New webpage


We are happy to be able to welcome you to our new and improved webpage and webshop. We are hoping that you will enjoy the new and exciting design, the new user-friendly setup and the many new features. If you have been a registered user of our old webshop, you can use the same login credentials as before, and you will be able to find your logos.

However, we are afraid that we are going to have a small transition period, where you will experience a few flaws, on especially the old logos, but we are working tirelessly to get it all sorted out. With all the new features, we are also going to send out a new guide for the webshop, which will be sent out to all of our registered users as soon as possible, together with a list we have compiled to ease your ability to find your logos.

If you are not yet a registered client with us, but would like to become one, please contact us on: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone: +45 75 16 90 22 to hear more.


Note: Unfortunately we are currently experiencing some technical difficulties, so the "Create Proff" part of the webshop is non-functioning. We do not recieve any orders from that page. Additionally, after an order is confirmed, you might recieve an e-mail, telling you that the total amount is 0.00 $. This is of course incorrect, and you will recieve an invoice as usual.

A newsupdate will be launched as soon as these errors have been corrected.