Unique Product numbers


Alko Print has begun to use unique product numbers for our transfers. This means that each transfer has its own unique number, which is only used for this particular transfer. If the color or size is changed, the new transfer thus gains a new unique number.

The unique product number is declared on the confirmation and on the sticker on the bag with the delivered transfers. At a reorder, this unique number is used to ensure that the transfer is identical to earlier deliveries.

We have chosen to implement this, to make for easier ordering for You, so you only need to supply us with the unique product number and the desired amount.

The unique numbers are created continuously, and this means that the “old” transfers do not yet have a unique product number. This also means that the “old” transfers on the webshop will have an “old” number. We are working to change them to the new numbers, but unfortunately this is a long process, so we ask for your patience.


It is easy to recognize a unique product number as it has 2 letters, followed directly by 4 numbers. For an example: (LA0052)