About us

ALKO PRINT A/S is a danish owned serigraphic company with a production of heat transfers, for printing on most types of clothing, as a specialty. For this ALKO PRINT A/S has developed several types of heat transfers so that everything from light sporting clothes and coarse business clothing is able to be printed with an ideal transfer. 

ALKO PRINT A/S was established in 1977 by ALice KOstow (ALKO) and was from the beginning, like it is now, based exclusively on business to business production and sales.
We are located in the small town of Vester Nebel, approximately 10 km away from Varde and Esbjerg respectively, on the west coast of Jutland in Denmark. Roughly 20 people are employed here.

ALKO PRINT A/S is a family company and is today managed by Claus Kostow. Asides from embroidery and transfer production ALKO PRINT A/S is also able to offer ECO HT heat transfers from PERMA PRESS AB in Sweden. ALKO PRINT A/S is also able to offer cutting plotters, transfer-foil in several colors, and several types of heat press machines for sale.