Terms and conditions

All Prices are in dkkr excluding VAT. If our terms of payment are violated, interest will be added. 
ALKO PRINT adds an environmental fee of 18 dkkr to all invoices as of 1/april/2013
All offers are binding for 14 days from the day they are sent. The delivery agreement is binding when the buyers accept has been received.
Unless it has been agreed otherwise, all invoices will be forwarded by e-mail.
The minimum invoice amount is 250 dkkr as of the 1/ april/ 2013
Errors that have not been corrected by the buyer in the last approved proof, is not liable for compensation by ALKO PRINT A/S. Errors that may appear in material sent for proof, are the responsibility of the buyer.

Claims and liability
ALKO PRINT A/S always delivers an extra heat transfer for trial application, this should be used to control color, size, spelling errors etc, before production is initiated. ALKO PRINT A/S is not liable for the wrongful use of heat transfers. Always check the received heat transfers upon arrival. If a delivery turns out defective or in some other way unlike the agreement, ALKO PRINT should be notified immediately. In case of attachment of heat transfers, all liability passes to the client.

Claims due to minor variations in color, in both specialty colors and standard colors can not be met.

Claims on goods/ services that can not be mended, only the invoice amount on the claim will be covered.

ALKO PRINT A/S has a cooperation agreement with the debt collecting company Købmandsstadens Inkasso Service. By lack of payment 10 days after the date, our trade debtors will be passed on to debt collection, where debt collecting costs will be added.