Aqua 60 transfers

Aqua 60 is a water based transfer which excels by being produced on clear foil. It is very soft and exceptionally stretchable. It can be washed at 60 degrees C and is useable on almost all types of fabric. Aqua 60 can also be delivered with a blocking ability, which makes it useable on cloth where color seepage is a problem.

We recommend our clients to check if Aqua 60 transfers are useable on the type of clothing it is thought for. For an example there are certain proofing agents, which can cause the transfer to be unable to bind or only bind slightly onto the intended cloth. Please contact us for transfer samples for a heated attachment test.

We always deliver one additional transfer for test attachment, which is meant to be used for color check, as well as a check of size, look and spelling, before the attachment on the actual item. ALKO PRINT will replace any faulty transfers with new fault-free transfers if the error is caused by us. However ALKO PRINT accepts no liability in case a faulty transfer is used on the actual item.

Heated Attachment of Aqua 60 Transfers

These are our recommendations. It is advised to do your own tests, with the actual materials. The cloth must be dry, flat and clean on the heating sole. Check for zippers, stitching, pockets and such, to avoid them in the Heat Press. Be especially conscious of clothing with lining, as this must also lie flat on the heating sole. Set the attachment temperature to 160 – 180 degrees C.

1: Preheat the cloth for 3-5 seconds. This process gives the cloth a flat surface and decreases the risk of unwanted moisture or particles.

2: Place the transfer on the cloth and close the press for 12-18 seconds, depending on the thickness of the cloth.

3: Remove the transfer-foil when the transfer is completely cooled.

Save excess Aqua 60 transfers in the bag, and let this guide remain inside with the transfers. Expiry date is 12 months from the day of delivery, in a closed bag by room temperature. Hereafter the warranty expires.

ALKO PRINT accepts no liability for wrongfully attached transfers.