General information on ordering names:
It is important for You to write the names in the setup exactly as you desire, as we, in our production will copy the names directly to film.
For names on the chest the default font used is Helvetica Bold:

For names on the back the default font used is Helvetica Condensed Bold:

Names can be ordered as plotter-names or as transfer-names. 
If the names are ordered as heat transfers then they are available in several transfer types and colors. They are produced in sheets, with 10 sheets per setup, and with a maximum of 25 different names per sheet setup.
If the names are ordered as plotter-names then they are cut in our standard colors for plotting materials.

Choose between the 4 setups or send repro ready material.

Warranty: keep heat transfers in a sealed bag at room temperature. After 12 months from date of delivery the warranty is expired.