Reflex Heat Transfers

Reflex heat transfers can be delivered as a logo, but only in the reflex-gray color. 
The heat transfer is durable through a 40 degree C washing.
We recommend performing a trial attachment before production is initiated.

Heated attachment guide for Reflex heat transfers.
Can be applied to 100% cotton, cotton/ synthetic material and most synthetic cloth. 
Not all cloth items are equally well suited for heat transfer application. Some cloth items are coated with various materials, which can complicate attachment. We recommend performing a trial attachment before production is initiated. 
ALKO PRINT A/S always delivers an extra Reflex heat transfer for trial attachment. By use of this sample the color, size, spelling etc can be verified. 
During heated attachment the cloth must lie flat on the heating sole. Zippers, buttons, hems etc. must be avoided.

1: Attachment temperature: 160 – 180 degrees C
2: Always preheat for about 5 seconds.
3: The heat transfer is placed with the color side against the fabric.
4: Press for about 18 seconds.
5: The heat press is opened gently in a smooth move, and the motive is patted with a cool cloth before you remove the printed cloth from the machine.
6: wash up to 40 degrees C with the inside out.

Tumble-drying is not recommended
Can not withstand bleach.
Only gentle ironing from the inside.

Save excess Uni Plus heat transfers in this bag and let the guide remain in the bag. 
Warranty: keep heat transfers in a sealed bag at room temperature. After 12 months from date of delivery the warranty is expired.

ALKO PRINT A/S accepts no liability for wrongfully attached heat transfers.